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Green Haven Real Estate is a local Colorado Springs real estate solutions provider that can help you get your home listed and sold in under 30 days.  We use our expertise in real estate combined with today’s modern day technology to allow us to quickly sell houses without much delay or deliberation whatsoever.  We love helping people sell their homes quickly without paying too much in repairs or commissions.  At the same time we also like to make money, but only when we are helping our clients achieve their goals, and only when we feel as if we’ve earned it.  Too many other real estate companies out there are taking advantage of hard working folks, and forcing them into high priced listing agreements with high commissions for the agent, but they aren’t really looking out for the best interests of the client.  This has to stop, and we will be taking great care to make sure that we work with each individual client in a personal manner, that will keep them coming back for more services in the future.  We are a full service real estate company, and we can get your home sold in the timeline that works for you, so please keep that in mind.

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